"We'll watch the world from above

  as it turns to the rhythm of love."

— Plain White T's

Rhythm of You Productions is a video production company founded by Duncan Wilder in 2013. We are based in Los Angeles and specialize in wedding videos, music videos, business promotional material, and documentaries. Rhythm of You offers cinematography and/or video editing services, and we are willing to travel anywhere. Contact us with any video ideas or questions, and we'll be in touch!


Hi! I am Duncan Wilder, the founder and lead videographer at Rhythm of You. I love making videos, and I've shot and edited hundreds of them over the last 15 years. I decided to create Rhythm of You because I strive to capture people's "rhythm" on film. To me, this means capturing each person's essence - what makes him or her unique and beautiful. Other than my freelance work, I am a script supervisor in the film industry and a cinematographer for Wilder Project - an award-winning dance film company.